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Featured image for “Integrity legislation to crack down on dodgy Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers”

Integrity legislation to crack down on dodgy Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers

The Australian Government is introducing new legislation to tackle unscrupulous and non-genuine providers and improve the integrity of the nation’s …read more


Featured image for “Student Visa Processing Priorities Update”

Student Visa Processing Priorities Update

A new Ministerial Direction for prioritising student and student guardian visa applications was signed on 14 December 2023. Ministerial Direction …read more


Featured image for “Concurrent Studies Information Update”

Concurrent Studies Information Update

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has removed the concurrent study functionality from the Provider Registration and International Student Management …read more


Featured image for “Benefits of Studying English Language in Australia”

Benefits of Studying English Language in Australia

The pursuit of learning the English language transcends mere linguistic proficiency; it’s a transformative journey that opens doors to diverse …read more


Featured image for “The Vibrant Student Life in Australia: A Journey of Adventure and Exploration”

The Vibrant Student Life in Australia: A Journey of Adventure and Exploration

G’day, international students! If you’re considering pursuing your education abroad, Australia is a destination that offers not only top-notch academic …read more


Featured image for “Lead Like a Boss: The Top Benefits of Studying a Leadership and Management Course”

Lead Like a Boss: The Top Benefits of Studying a Leadership and Management Course

Welcome to the wonderful world of leadership and management! Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re looking …read more


Featured image for “Introducing: Alana Kaye College”

Introducing: Alana Kaye College

Alana Kaye College is an award winning Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO 70056; CRICOS 03675K) offering a wide selection of …read more


Featured image for “Eligible New Zealand Citizens (ENZC)”

Eligible New Zealand Citizens (ENZC)

What is an Eligible New Zealand Citizen (ENZC)? An ENZC is a New Zealand citizen, who at the time of …read more


Featured image for “Looming Deadline for Student Visa Holders”

Looming Deadline for Student Visa Holders

March 15th holds particular significance to many international students who have recently completed their studies. This date in most cases …read more


Featured image for “Clean up Australia Day”

Clean up Australia Day

Caring for the world around us starts in our own backyard. Clean up Australia Day is a fabulous initiative that …read more


Featured image for “Harmony Week”

Harmony Week

Harmony Week celebrates the cohesive and inclusive nature of our diverse nation. It will be held from the 15th to …read more


Featured image for “Business and Skilled Migration is Open in Queensland”

Business and Skilled Migration is Open in Queensland

For 7 days only, the Queensland Government is taking onshore nominations for the 491 and 190 visa subclasses. SkillSelect – …read more


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