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Featured image for “Retiring in Australia”

Retiring in Australia

The golden years are approaching, and you just want to play golf, go fishing, walk on the beach or soak …read more


Featured image for “Business and Skilled Migration is Open in Queensland”

Business and Skilled Migration is Open in Queensland

For 7 days only, the Queensland Government is taking onshore nominations for the 491 and 190 visa subclasses. SkillSelect – …read more


Featured image for “Employing Overseas Workers”

Employing Overseas Workers

When businesses cannot find suitable employees in Australia, the government enables them to hire skilled workers on the following visas: …read more


Featured image for “Extension for 485 Graduate Visa in Regional Areas”

Extension for 485 Graduate Visa in Regional Areas

To boost diversity and prosperity in regional Australia, there is additional incentive for international students to study at a regional …read more


Featured image for “New South Wales Skilled Occupation List”

New South Wales Skilled Occupation List

The New South Wales government has published the occupation lists for the skilled visa subclasses 190 and 491, for the …read more


Featured image for “PTE Concordance Report: Are the Changes better for you?”

PTE Concordance Report: Are the Changes better for you?

The PTE Academic Standards and Measurement team has released their report comparing the PTE Academic with IELTS Academic tests. The …read more


Featured image for “Social Worker Added to PMSOL”

Social Worker Added to PMSOL

What is PMSOL? The Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) identifies 18 occupations which fill critical skills needs to support Australia’s …read more


Featured image for “Covid-19 Concessions for Students”

Covid-19 Concessions for Students

The Australian government is offering some flexibility for students who, because of Covid-19, have found it difficult to meet the …read more


Featured image for “Fruit Picking Jobs Available Now”

Fruit Picking Jobs Available Now

Summer-time is peak season for agricultural and harvest work opportunities. Most working holiday makers are eligible for these types of …read more


Featured image for “South Australia makes major changes to the DAMA Occupation List”

South Australia makes major changes to the DAMA Occupation List

What is a DAMA? The South Australian Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is a formal agreement between the Australian Government, …read more


Featured image for “Best Migration Agents on the Gold Coast Awards Announced”

Best Migration Agents on the Gold Coast Awards Announced

This is Australia has been recognised as one of the #ThreeBestRated Migration Agents on the Gold Coast for 2020. All migration …read more


Featured image for “What is Regional? The Gold Coast is and Everyone Loves it!”

What is Regional? The Gold Coast is and Everyone Loves it!

‘Australia’s favourite playground’. ‘Beautiful one day, perfect the next’. These are just a few of the taglines used to describe …read more


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