OSHC – Frequently Asked Questions

OSHC – Frequently Asked Questions

What is OSHC?

OSHC is Overseas Student Health Cover. Students need to purchase OSHC before they come to Australia so that they are covered when they arrive. The Department of Home Affairs requires students to maintain OSHC whilst they are in Australia on a student visa. It is a visa condition. If a student fails to hold OSHC at any time whilst on a student visa, their visa can be cancelled.

What does an OSHC policy cover?

The extent of the OSHC coverage depends on the health insurance purchased. The fine print of the insurance policy document will help students understand which specific costs are covered under a policy. An OSHC policy generally covers: medical, hospital and ambulance costs, as well as some pharmaceutical costs.

What an OSHC policy doesn’t cover?

An OSHC basic policy does not cover for Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Chiropractic treatments, Dental and Orthodontics treatments Optical treatment – including contact lenses and eye glass prescriptions. Students can purchase an OSHC “Extras Policy” or ensure their travel insurance or other insurance covers the specific treatments/services they may need.

Do students need OSHC while extending their visa?

Yes. Students must have OSHC cover for the entirety of their stay in Australia on a student or bridging visa. If a student extends their visa, they must renew their OSHC policy.

Do students require OSHC if their country has a reciprocal Medicare agreement with Australia?

Yes. Having reciprocal access to Medicare does not exempt you from needing to take out OSHC, unless you are from Belgium. Swedish and Norwegian students are also exempt from OSHC.

Does OSHC cover GP visits?

Yes, OSHC covers 100% of the Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee for GP services. If the GP charges more than the MBS, the student pays the difference.

Can students switch OSHC providers?

Yes. Students can switch between OSHC providers at any time. Remembering that students must have cover at all times whilst in Australia, students must purchase the new policy before they cancel their old one. A refund can be obtained upon cancellation but there may be a small cancellation fee. It is also important to note that the waiting periods do not apply when students switch OSHC providers. Contact us to switch and save.

Do students need to purchase OSHC for their spouse and/or dependants?

Yes. Family policies are available. Contact us for huge savings.

Can This is Australia save students thousands of dollars?

Yes, it’s true. A simple example is that of a family policy with 2 adults and 1 child: if the policy was purchased through This is Australia, the savings could be over $7,000. This is genuine. Imagine having an extra $7,000 in your pocket? Contact us today for a new policy or even if you would like to switch policies.

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