Introducing SendFX

Published: 29/08/2019

Introducing SendFX

Save up to 80% on International Money Transfers against your bank

For all of our clients, we are pleased to announce an exciting partnership that we have developed with SendFX.

If you are transferring money internationally, SendFX is a leading international money transfer specialist.

Whether you are currently in Australia or another country, our money transfer partners can assist you, as an individual or a business.

When transferring money to another country with your bank, Send’s exchange rates can be up to 80% cheaper than your bank, this can amount to you saving hundreds or thousands of dollars when using their services for:

  • Paying for visa applications
  • Paying tuition fees
  • Buying or selling property
  • Transferring a lump sum
  • Sending money to family
  • Topping up bank accounts
  • Paying a foreign invoice
  • Receiving an inheritance
  • Working offshore
  • Paying a foreign supplier

Over the years we have assisted thousands of clients with the migration/visa matters, and when the time comes to either transfer savings or pay for expenses, ensure that you do not lose money on banks fees and poor exchange rates, contact SendFX for all your international transfers.

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